The Candidate Experience – Your Travel Nurse Agency’s Front Door

Staffing Agency Front Door

It all starts with a smooth travel nurse candidate experience

Having a smooth travel nurse candidate experience is so important for the success of a healthcare staffing agency in 2020. From healthcare staffing software to travel nurse recruitment tactics, every move a staffing agency makes has an impact. 
Fortunately the healthcare staffing industry is seeing a new wave of innovation in technology, consulting services, conferences, online resources, and more. Building a toolkit and strategy for success is easy for those with an open mind and willingness to change. 
What steps is YOUR staffing agency taking this year to stay ahead of the curve?

Identifying the leaky funnel.

So your recruiters are bringing in qualified nurses who are excited to work with your staffing agency, but when it comes to the new hire and onboarding process, they’re not quite making it across the finish line. You’ve found a quality nurse, they’re excited about your travel nursing opportunities and now it’s time to start the application process… but *woosh* they’ve vanished, ghosted, disappeared. Why?
Could it be operational inefficiencies within your agency? Inadequate staffing software? Ineffective recruitment strategies? A messy onboarding process? 
Any or all of the above can be the cause of this leaky funnel. Unfortunately, connections will continue to be missed until things are repaired. 

Why do nurse applicants drop off in the onboarding and credentialing process?

Operational inefficiencies in the new hire process result in loosing quality candidates, fast. Nurses are busy. In travel healthcare, nurses are often are dealing with the new hire process multiple times a year with different staffing agencies. Sometimes even multiple agencies at one time. This leaves limited patience for a slow and confusing onboarding processes. 
A confusing, overwhelming, or hard to use process will quickly create barriers to starting a job with a new staffing agency, especially when there are several other agencies simultaneously screaming for that nurse’s attention. It’s a major loss when a recruiter connects a qualified nurse to a great contract, but drop off occurs because of a difficult onboarding process. The candidate experience you’re providing to your travel nurses might be directly resulting in missed opportunities for you and your agency.

Look for signs that it’s time to improve your healthcare staffing software and travel nurse candidate experience.

  1. You have to be on your computer or laptop to complete this application or onboarding process.”
It’s 2020. We shouldn’t have to explain this, but it rightfully deserves the number #1 spot on this list. Simply put, close to 90% of applicants are expecting to complete the entire application and onboarding process on their phone. Do not (and we repeat, do not) make a travel nurse wait until they have access to a desktop or laptop to complete your process. This is the fastest path to losing a qualified travel nurse, or not getting the candidate submitted fast enough to secure a contract.
  1. We’ll communicate with you through email.
9/10 nurses expect to communicate with your team via SMS or chat through your applicant portal. Messages sent through chat are read, text messages are opened. The average traveling nurse’s email is a conveyor belt of marketing touches from other staffing agencies. Email is less than ideal for a quick response from your nurse applicant. 
  1. You just have to download an app onto your phone.
Don’t make a nurse choose between their precious Utah hiking photos taken last month and your agency’s native app. Limited storage is now taken up for an app for a company they’re not even sure they’ll take a contact with. Not to mention, actually downloading the app is probably going to require wifi and some patience. This is unnecessary friction. Think twice about implementing a solution that requires an app download. In 2020, web-apps should be your go-to.
  1. We just need you to fill that information out again {here} because …”
Duplicate charting is a trigger word for nurses. If they just entered the information over there, why are they repeating it again here? Name, email, work history, primary specialty ... ask for it once. The same goes with conversations. If your recruiter is repeating questions that were already answered elsewhere, it gives a vibe of disorganization. Not a good indicator of how your company functions. 
  1. “Use this tool for X, and that tool for Y, then create an account over here to complete Z”
Fill out the application form on our website, then use this link to create an account over here so you can upload your credentials, then come over here to sign your new hire documents, then make an account in this portal for payroll, then check your email for what’s left, and so on. No. Just no. Give the nurse one place to enter alllll of the things.
  1.  “Text me a pic of your social security card and email me those medical records.
Sketchy. A nurse wouldn’t be that irresponsible with patient data, and they shouldn’t be encouraged to do it with their own. Healthcare professionals are learning (often the hard way) to avoid agencies that do not respect their data security. If you don’t have a secure process in place to collect private data, one can only imagine how you are storing it. For your sake and theirs, give nurses a secure, encrypted platform to provide this sensitive and personal information. Then store it, and treat it, like as if it were your own. 

Healthcare staffing software made specifically for nursing streamlines workflows and improves the travel nurse candidate experience.

89% of job seekers think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process, so why do only 36% of companies offer a mobile friendly onboarding process? From your marketing efforts, to new hire process, and into your ongoing interaction with that employee, you must think mobile first. Your target audience most certainly is.


Why Mobile Matters in Travel Nursing.

Position yourself in the candidate perspective. Traveling healthcare workers are often times living out of a suitcase, packing only the essentials and looking to be as efficient as possible in their journey. You might be sitting at a desk with a double-monitor desktop, printer/scanner by your side and crazy fast wifi, but your nurse likely isn’t. Your agency might have some stellar opportunities, but the application, and the beginnings of that tedious credentialing process is your front door to a successful placement. So think to yourself … “when a nurse enters my agency’s front door, how are we accommodating for their situation?”

Nurses need a mobile friendly process. Quickly. And without friction.

User experience will differentiate your staffing agency.

When it comes to the new hire process a top notch user experience is not the future, it is the current. Nurses are demanding a frictionless hiring process that respects their time and sensitive information. Remove the friction, provide data security, and give a user experience that showcases how your agency operates.

Your first impression tells a lot about how the next few months will be should a nurse choose to work with you. Don’t spoil it with unneeded confusion and frustration from the start. Providing a rockstar onboarding process that measures up to the quality of your staffing agency is critical when interacting with today’s healthcare workforce.

Implementing mobile friendly healthcare staffing software is one way to increase your success, but it’s definitely not the only way. Your recruitment strategy plays a massive role as well. If your agency is in need of a recruitment strategy revamp, or you want to be sure your team is unified in its approach with recruiters using tactics that work best for them, check out Moxie Mentoring. They help travel nurse staffing agencies get the most value from their recruitment team and more. The value working with an experienced group such as Moxie can bring to your organization might surprise even the most experienced industry leaders.