John Modica, RN | Kamana Chief Customer Office and Co-Founder

Chief Customer Officer

John Modica, RN

John, our Chief Customer Officer, has over a decade of experience in healthcare, spending the past five years working as a travel nurse in hospitals across the United States. Having seen first-hand the inefficiencies of the industry, he fully understands the frustrations and dissatisfaction held by the healthcare workforce. John is customer zero. Kamana is his solution.

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Industry Awareness

Understands travel nurse needs and flaws within the current hiring process.

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Product Vision

Keeps functionality and layout of app on-track with clients' true needs and goals.

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Market Outreach

Keeps Kamana connected and relevant within the growing nursing industry.

Meet the rest of the founding team.

The solution for healthcare talent, created by healthcare talent. Kamana's team has decades of combined industry experience. We've seen first-hand how inefficiencies in the contract workforce industry can slow workers down.
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