Chief Executive Officer

Dave Dworschak

Dave has spent 10 years in the healthcare space helping fast growing startups. With an eye on data, he’s overseen migrations of hospital system information on a nationwide scale and understands the importance of user privacy. As a co-founder of Kamana, Dave drives strategic leadership and business development, maintaining a keen interest and aptitude for complex systems and processes that impact the healthcare industry.


At Kamana, Dave challenges the old way healthcare travelers and firms operate by disrupting the industry with a better, easier, and faster solution. Kamana is a technology platform that builds the bridge between travelers and healthcare firms allowing users to store, track, manage, and securely share healthcare licenses, credentials, and important job-ready documentation with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Meet the rest of the team.

The solution for healthcare talent, created by healthcare talent. Kamana's team has decades of combined industry experience. We've seen first-hand how inefficiencies in the contract workforce industry can slow workers down.
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Join the Kamana Job Network + Match Jobs
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