Recruit Healthcare Professionals through Social Media Marketing

Matching qualified candidates to your clients’ needs is your main goal in running a successful healthcare staffing agency. With the popularity of social media, learning how to recruit healthcare professionals on these platforms is critical for your business growth.

Healthcare professionals searching for work on social media have needs and requirements that are as unique as the job qualifications coming from your clients. Finding the perfect fit when considering profession, specialty, availability, pay, qualifications, etc. means recruiters must screen and qualify dozens, sometimes hundreds, of potential candidates to find the one that’s a perfect fit. It’s a numbers game. Without a strong and growing pool of potential candidates, recruitment teams struggle to quickly and appropriately fill needs. 


Attracting Qualified Candidates

Attracting qualified candidates is key to building a healthy network. Successful marketing doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should be well placed, timely, consistent, and add value.  As many travel healthcare professionals frequent social media channels, it’s important to know which channels they prefer.  If you know that Facebook is a popular channel for your candidates, then that’s where you’ll spend your time.
Let’s look at some of the ways to recruit healthcare professionals, by capturing their attention, nurturing relationships, and articulating why candidates should apply with your agency.

6 Ways to Amplify Candidate Lead Generation

Let’s look at some of the ways to recruit healthcare professionals, by capturing their attention, nurturing relationships, and articulating why candidates should apply with your agency.

1. Get in front of your audience.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals are on social media for entertainment, networking, communication, and job searching. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are powerful channels for getting your brand and jobs in front of qualified candidates. With some thought and attention it can be done without paying for ads.

For example, if you’re searching for RNs to fill a dialysis need in New Jersey – search for a specific Facebook group that meets these parameters. Start with basic keyword and keyphrases: Dialysis Nurses, New Jersey Nurses, etc. Facebook is a treasure-trove of niche communities and creating a pathway to connecting with target audiences is essential.

Looking for a more general need of CNAs? Consider posting in a group that has a large and diverse audience. Here’s what that might look like: “CNAs needed for 2 Skilled Nursing Facilities in Texas”. Be sure to highlight the awesome pay rate and provide the details candidates need upfront to make the decision to act!

2. Transparency is key.

When posting jobs, to recruit healthcare professionals ALWAYS include location and rates. Candidates don’t want to waste their time or yours applying for a job that ultimately is not what they want, or is something they’re not qualified for. Don’t ask a stranger to apply with you “just because. Show them what you have, and what you’re searching for. This also prevents unqualified candidates from applying in the first place. Pay special attention to your social platform too – you might need to crop messages depending on character limits – be deliberate.

Include these details in your social post:

  • Pay ← #1 detail that travel healthcare professionals look for!
  • Location
  • Specialty
  • Shift
  • Contract length
  • Link to apply
Give them the info they need to decide if this is a job the want or not.

3. Make it easy to apply.

 If your agency has a unique Kamana portal link – USE IT! (If you don’t, click here to learn how to get one). When you use your Kamana link, candidates have a clear and FAST pathway for applying. Having a smooth candidate experience will set you apart from your competition.

Not using Kamana yet to recruit healthcare professionals? Let’s chat! We offer tech-driven staffing agencies a better way to connect and onboard talent by accelerating your application, onboarding, compliance, communication, and submission workflows. Focus on what matters most: building relationships.

4. Show what you have to offer, that others don’t.

What makes your staffing agency different? What do you do for your employees that others do not? If you have a background in healthcare, leverage it!

5. Think about scale and automation.

We’ve seen successful posts on Facebook pull in 600+ candidates in 24 hours. If your application process is “Email your resume to <inserted email address here>” you’re going to have a hot mess. Have the infrastructure in place to bring on mass numbers of candidates at once, with a backend system to quickly respond, screen, qualify, and submit them. 


6. Post content regularly to build your following.

 In addition to posting job openings, provide value to talent by sharing content that’s helpful or educational. You can also give talent the opportunity to weigh in on various topics and engage in conversations to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the industry.  

How to Write your Social Post

Attractive job posts look like this (make sure to include your unique Kamana link!):

Avoid This!

Looking for RNs in California. Must have 2 years experience in Med Surg. Email if interested.


Understand the Signs of the Times.  All throughout 2020 and as we move into 2021 nurses and other healthcare professionals have A LOT of job options MORE than before. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door for individuals who didn’t previously travel to travel, make more money and have the flexibility to work how, when and where they want to all of the time.  The demand is much greater than the supply and this has created a huge shift in the industry and changed the ways to effectively recruit and market your brand. Be ready to shift in the direction the industry is moving and post those jobs on social media!

Special thanks to Shemeka Jones of Nurse Owned Staffing Agencies for collaborating on this post! As a travel nurse herself, Shemeka mentors, coaches, and supports others who want to become a travel nurse recruiter or start their own healthcare staffing agency. Learn more about Shemeka and NOSA.