Nick Toce | Kamana Co-founder and creative director

Chief Design Officer

Nick Toce

Nick, our Chief Design Officer, has been the founder and operator of two multidisciplinary agencies in the creative communications arena. Focusing on product/web design, brand development, visual communications, and user experience he will drive our messaging and digital footprint to remain on-brand, clear, and functional. Working alongside the development team he will ensure a simple, user-friendly, streamlined experience is maintained.

Identity Development

Oversees all branding and creative design related to Kamana's visual style.


Designs and develops all outward-facing marketing collateral and advertisements.

UX + UI Design

Ensures visual brand, readability, and functionality are core focuses of app.

Meet the rest of the founding team.

The solution for healthcare talent, created by healthcare talent. Kamana's team has decades of combined industry experience. We've seen first-hand how inefficiencies in the contract workforce industry can slow workers down.
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